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The British come back to Almunecar!

Saga, the English tour operator is re-establishing their links with the Costa Tropical coastal resort of Almunecar.

Until 2 years ago Saga were bringing British tourists to the town, but with all the works on the underground car parking lot they decided to stop for a while until the things were finally restored to normality.

Now the British have returned to Hotel Helios in the town because the works are well advanced and are not as annoying as when they were forced to move to hotels in Nerja.

Saga, which brings thousands of British tourists to the Costa Tropical, did not hesitate to withdraw its customers in late September 2007 to coincide with arrival of the machinery to build the parking lot. “This has meant that we spent two hard winters without these clients. We even lost 13,500 stays during that time, “said Rafael Lamelas, director of the Helios hotel.

The hotel now plans to launch a promotional offer now between the 3rd and 15 January 2010 also offering a special price for 21, 18, and 14 stays days.

The hotel has also recently lost the Belgian tour operator “Best Coast Tour” after 15 years. This tour operator has decided to promote more its destinations in Salou and concentrate more on holidays by coach.

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