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New A7, Albunol to Polopos Motorway

This stretch of motorway covers 15 kilometers and is one of longest stretches under construction.

The Costa Tropical has complicated ground, geologically speaking, and is something the professionals have to check daily. This was realised in the building of the Citadel bridge located on the stretch of A-7 between Albuñol and Adra, that moved because the mountain on which it was located, slipped.

One of the areas with unstable soil is between Polopos & Sorvilán. In this area there are continuous potholes caused by ground movement and wide slopes that were built to avoid or correct, in part, these landslides.

In this area of Albuñol-Polopos there have already been three different landslides.The stretch is being completed by the construction company Ferrovial-Agroman and was awarded in December 2005 amounting to 137.3 million euros.

In particular, movements of land following the path from Albuñol starting with the first ravine along El Saltadero near to Melicena, and various others including the end of the section, after the link with the Haza del Trigo.

Throughout the nearly 15 km stretch, from west to east, the works are very advanced in places like the area of La Guapa, near Castillo de Baños, where they have even already completed the level crossing linking the current N-340 with Haza del Trigo.

Fences to prevent stones
At La Mamola this area is more rugged and they have had to install hundreds of meters of fencing to avoid falling rocks on the current national road 340 and the urban area. The work is concentrated from the tunnels “The Ramoncillo” of 650 meters in length which is situated near Melicena. From here and saving the incidents outlined the route of the highway tends to lower with respect to the current path of the road by the sea, reaching the future Albuñol link, north of La Rabita.
Of the five bands running along the Costa Tropical from La Gorgoracha to Adra, the Albuñol Polopos stretch is the longest of all. It consists of a dual carriageway of 7 meters wide, two lanes wide and 3.5 meters by 2.5 meters wide outside and inside of 1 meter. In this area there will be nine viaducts, with a total length of 2,357 meters.

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