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Choose Your Electric Supplier from 1 July 2009

Half a million people in the Granada Province can choose their electric company from July 1 2009.

The company Sevillana-Endesa in the province of Granada will offer 547,200 customers an ability to score other companies. If no change is requested, the client just continues with the same company.

The public can choose the company that supplies electricity from next July 1. The Government has passed this change just as it did with the telephone companies.

Endesa will continue to be responsible for the distribution of electricity in the rest of Andalusia and Granada, but now other companies can join the market. Following the guidelines of the Royal Decree 485/2009 of 3 April, existing companies are sending customers a newsletter
explaining that the picture is opened from 1 July and recalling that the distribution companies as Sevillana-Endesa, will continue to operate the facilities, reading meters and providing service 24 hours callouts.

After July 1, if a change is not requested the supply will automatically switch to the marketer linked to the distributor. In Granada & Seville, Endesa will continue to bill.

This change applies to households 10kilowatts or less, but most properties has between 3-5 with a generally a maximum of 8.

If you choose to seek a better offer, there will be 18 Companies to choose from and rebates for households are at 2% on average, if Endesa and Iberdrola, although in the case of Union Fenosa reach
2.5%, provided that it has more than five kilowatts on Contract. Endesa also offers a free emergency service for the first year , which
includes locks, plumbing, glazing, electricity.

Where there is more movement in the market for companies and customers who consume more than 10 kilowatts, and are forced to go to market free. For them, more than 30,000 in Granada, companies
as Iberdrola, Endesa and Union Fenosa are already offering discounts of between 12 and 15%.

Since the bosses in the Spanish electricity companies, Unesa, advised consumers to small group, such as in neighboring communities to obtain a price advantage in the free market.
The leading companies emphasize that, unlike the telephone, the
domestic electricity market there is little margin to compete, especially as there will still be a fee primarily governed by the Government for all households.

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