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20,000 – 30,000 New Jobs in the Granada Province

The opening of the A-44, which, after today joins the cities of Granada and Motril,  is hoped to generate a big economic boost in the area of industry and technology both Capital Province and in several municipalities in
its metropolitan area. The Technology Park,  Health Sciences,  Parque Metropolitano, Industrial and Technological Marchalhendín, the future platformfor Customs warehouse logistics, together with the industrial park of the Port of Motril, all will also obtain large benefits with this new infrastructure.

The Ministry of Innovation has made its first estimates, and according to them, 20,000 to 30,000 new jobs will be created in all these areas during a period of time ranging from fifteen to twenty years. The only real challenge now is to weather the current economic crisis.

To the Board of Andalucia, the 60 km that now exists linking these two largest towns in the Province of  Granada by the autovía will create a ‘golden mile high’ and the Board thinks that businesses in the industrial and technological sectors will benefit greatly. 
Agriculture and tourism, is another sector to benefit which will be a strong endorsement to all farming activity giving easier access to the domestic market.  It will also enhance the business for the Port of Motril boosting the output of the Port via industrial products.
The president of the Confederation of Grenadine Employers, Gerardo Cuerva, for his  part says that connection between Madrid and Motril motorway through Bailén, brings some positive effects  “that will begin to be noticed this summer in tourism on the Costa Tropical and Granada.

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