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Cruise Ships From Maderia to Motril

The ship “Funchal” from Lisbon & Malaga, departed yesterday from the Levante dock of Motril with 250 passengers on board. This ship has opened the season in which the cruise is scheduled and is using 18 vessels until next November.
Some 80 passengers from the ship went to Granada and Nerja and the remaining 170 visited the city of Motril and its commercial center, thanks to the shuttle bus hired by the Port Authority through Motril Port. The Funchal, the name of the ship,  is also the capital of the island of Madeira, one of the autonomous regions of the Republic of Portugal. Besides the capital, the city is characterized by scenic and largest urban center of the island.
Funchal city is the most prominent islands of Portugal. The next cruise will call in Motril is the Sea Cloud, on April 20, to continue in May with the visit of the Spirit of Adventure, National Geographic, Black Prince and the Corinthian II. It is expected that this year’s cruise season extends to November, with the arrival of the Sea Cloud. In total, an estimated 18 ships docked at Motril throughout this period.
Future Proposals
The intent of the Port of Motril is to offer leisure cruise ships to arrive at the Port, this initiative has been brough about between negotiations with the trustees for local tourism and Costa Diputación de Granada.

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